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frequently asked questions
« on: February 21, 2019, 09:27:05 am »
Below is a short list of the most frequently asked questions,
if you have a specific question that has not been addressed, please ask!


Q. why should i get tint on my vehicles windows?
A. tint blocks up to 70% of the heat and up to 95% of the suns UV rays
    it reduces glare and protects your car interior.

Q. what are the benefits of window tinting our home?
A. If you have your home windows tinted you will save money on utility bills because it will block out a lot of the heat.
    Also helps save your furniture and carpet from fading.

Q. Why should I get remote start?
A. remote start enables you to start your car from the comfort of your home and allows the car to cool or heat up
    before you enter the vehicle.

Q. Is the vehicle secure when it starts remotely?
A. Yes, the vehicle must still have the key to operate the vehicle.

Q.What is the difference between one way and two way alarm and remote start?
A. A one way comes with a transmitter that has one way communication with the vehicle.
    A two way transmitter will give you two way  communication with the vehicle
    as long as you are within range. It will talk to you when it's locked ,
    armed or disarmed and when it's in remote start mode.

Q.What does satellite radio ready mean?
A. It means that the head unit is capable of controlling a satellite radio tuner and displaying it on the screen of the unit.

Q.What does steering wheel control ready mean?
A. It means the head unit is capable of doing steering wheel controls with additional part called a steering wheel control adapter

Q.What does backup camera ready mean?
A. It means the unit is capable of displaying a image if u add a backup camera and have it installed.

Q.Are parts required to replace the factory radio?
A. Most vehicles require parts to replace the factory radio like a dash kit, adapter harness and a antenna adapter.

Q.Will I need parts to install a amp in my vehicle?
A. Yes. You will need a amp kit. A amp kit consists of a power wire, a fuse holder a ground wire, a remote turn on wire and a signal wire

Q.can i make a reservation for window tinting or car stereo installations
A. please contact for details and pricing.

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